Our clients’ inspiring evolution is embodied into multiple ways of giving your company high human value.

“Red & Black Light” \ Live \ Ibrahim Maalouf

« I have a vision, a glimpse of the future, much sharper clarity regarding the stakes and how to get there. »

« You hold for us a precious space to lighten unknown parts of ourselves, allowing us to increase our spiritual and economic leadership. »

« I don’t pitch any more, I inspire… I don’t prospect any more, I make links and I sow seeds for tomorrow. »

« Our paths crossed again at a time when I wanted to develop my company, not from its branches but from the roots. »

« Céline builds a bridge towards the new world and her art is visionary. You are so much more than a mentor… »

« I knew that conventional, formatted paths were not for me. I didn’t just need made-to-measure, but something way more intricate, like lace. »

« It’s the chance to shine and raise your business to an extraordinary level of growth and fulfilment. »

« I became aware that my company is a platform for exchanging information, energy flows and unbelievable communication. »

« La terre, le ciel & nous holds the signature of the future. Deep inside, each of us has the strength and the power to transform the world. »

« After 10 years as an entrepreneur, our work together remains to this day my best investment. »

« I chose to write my own future and bring my share of creation to my business, my life, the world. »

« Now I know where I’m going, what I have to do and above all what I have to turn down to stop myself going off-track. »

« I have learnt to envisage my development with my perception and my desires, and not with an Excel table. »

« I needed to actively contribute to a fairer world in my eyes. I dare to say what I see, what I understand of the world. I dare to transmit. »

« I recommend this approach to idealists with their feet firmly on the ground and their heads in the stars, to develop the prosperous company of the future. »

« Thanks to my experiences, I feel that my place is now outlined to replace the human at the centre of the system and to reconnect substance with shape. »

« I have undergone a deep transformation inside to take on the world more successfully and find my place there, just as I am. »

« For me, Céline means precision, intuition and range. She dares to make us match Success against Soul. »

« I have never had as many clients and yet I feel close to each of them. What I am continuing to harvest is the power of authenticity. »

« In short, I accept myself! Being bold, creative and generous in my business (love and sex) where there are still so many fears and taboos, that pays. »

« I created my own Blue Ocean. I am the only person who does what I do how I do it. The perspectives are infinite and beyond what can reasonably be imagined. »

The butterfly effect

Edward Lorenz, an American scientist, discovered that in meteorological systems, the tiniest variation of an element can increase gradually, causing enormous changes after a time. Applying this notion to human societies means that seemly insignificant changes in behaviour have the potential to trigger large-scale disruption.