As corporate shamen for modern times, we’ll reveal untrodden paths for you to expand your contribution to our ever-changing world.

“Where’s Life ?” \ Keziah Jones


Rather than working for organisations, we work with humans. Each of our clients is An Encounter that we custom-mentor like a limited edition, because it is this energy quality that guarantees results beyond all expectations.

Our approach is divided into 3 hubs that correspond to 3 frequencies for unfurling your awareness:


To play a complete rolein the fully transforming world, give yourself the chance to plug into your own lasting excellence by stimulating your boldness.

Hub run by Emmanuelle Gabourg

This work process brings you:

\ A refined and confirmed understanding of your Reason for Being and Doing
\ A clear common thread to fully embrace your contribution
\ High added value to implement with your clients and your projects
\ Assimilation of your identity to match direction with growth.


To refine and strengthen your contribution, explore new forms of leadership, thanks to a better perception of yourself and your environment.

Hub run by Florence Chauffier

This work process brings you:

\ An acute 6th sense to support your business strategy
\ Livelier and sharper expertise in Interpersonal Skills
\ A clear spirit to slot yourself into place smoothly
\ A wide-angle view to dare to venture into new approaches


To incorporate your entire range as a pioneer and instigator in new worlds, fully accept your destiny and the constant updates that this requires

Hub run by Céline Boura, supported by Krystal Turcan

This work process brings you:

\ Acceptance that you have to die symbolically to be reborn on a regular basis.
\ The evidence that you no longer have to define yourself, never mind sell yourself.
\ Take all your actions up a notch in range and power
\ The capability to bring together your entire ecosystem thanks to win-win transactions


Develop prosperous organisations that work from the Being to bring out future joy : welcome to our 360º journeys !