As corporate shamen for modern times, we’ll reveal untrodden paths for you to expand your contribution to our ever-changing world.

“Where’s Life ?” \ Keziah Jones


Since 2010, Céline Boura, CEO & Founder, has been putting reams of energy into tying in the invisible world with the business world, because this is so much more than a profession for her: it is both her destiny and her responsibility. She has progressively gathered an outstanding team around her to widen her contribution to the most virtuous companies that integrate the Being as a vector for long-lasting transformations.

Our maison de creation des futurs revolves around a fundamental Big Why: correlating individuals’ vibratory dimension with the specific impact on their entrepreneurial work. And because we are a living organism that is perpetually mutating, we want to guarantee you that working together will be beyond all expectations.

Céline Boura


Her guideline to opening up pathways. “The future belongs to people who are not afraid of a vacuum”. This matter-less space elicits a powerful transformation dynamic where our choices make complete sense.

Krystal Turcan

Public Relations Manager
& Creative Officer

Her vision not only embraces but really sets the world of tomorrow on fire. The Earth and its cells forming us are destined to acknowledge what they have come to personify at all levels. Let’s play our vibes!

Laure Nuiaouet

Partnership Coordinator
& International Deployment

Her drive to keep on innovating. Exuding elegance and humanity, boosting visibility in humanely innovating events, working for the benefit of the business world.


As neither coaching nor personal development, our art consists of activating ties between your soul, your entrepreneurial scope and its impact on the world. We team up with entrepreneurs, managers and organisations that all share pragmatic leadership with major spiritual openness.

Through our different individual and event formats, we put together unusual space-time continuums, always customised and coming as a limited-edition, to propagate your qualitative and quantitative growth. We are both demanding and ambitious so each customer / partner, above all, represents an Encounter on a similar frequency.

Treading a path together is therefore a joint haute-couture creation, bound to leave our respective imprints on each other in the long run.


« Business is the vision of Love made more specific. I became aware that I was not just a crazy artist but a visionary builder: I created processes and recruitment in this direction, to widen my company’s contribution.

You offer an extraordinary space to light up part of us that nobody has seen, increasing our spiritual and economic power as a leader. Abundance puts down roots in the invisible world, neglect it at your peril! »



Our clients are future corporate shamen, each in their own field, who manage to activate this dimension through our customised process. Integrating the invisible into their business world is not a luxury for them: it’s an absolute, visceral need. The business sector, linked to creation, communication and innovation, requires agile and courageous leaders at every turn.

Having already reached a certain maturity in their expertise, their approach is both intimate and universal. As pioneers in new worlds, invested in bringing an alternative voice to economic and media spheres, they know at the very depth of their cells that they hold a vision and a responsibility to get the lines of humanity moving, now that we are playing with the big kids.

Helping our contact to evolve encourages them to assume the entirety and singularity of their worlds, a powerful base to then drive their business to a whole other level of inspiration and contribution.


« I felt called on for something more powerful and more important,
for the collective good and the planet’s well-being.
Beyond the expansion of my business.

Moving forwards with Céline and her team takes you beyond figures.
Managers or organisations that wish to undertake this transformation process must be fully invested and aware that transformations involve trimming or impacts and that sometimes just wanting it is not enough.

Whilst your will is important, there’s a bunch of stuff to let go of to transform yourself. Accessing your truth is not easy, it is fair. For me, each manager from this world should be connected to their intuition and their heart and know how to integrate these qualities when governing their company.

By integrating all these dimensions,
the company remains prosperous and stands the test of time. »



Develop prosperous organisations that work from the Being to bring out future joy : welcome to our 360º journeys!