The founder

“No one can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half-asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.”
Khalil Gibran

“Woman” \ Cat Power and Lana Del Rey


Matching up
soul & figures

From artistic management to marketing via human sciences, all my experiences, as a salaried worker and then an entrepreneur since 2010, have prepared me for the position I hold today. Facing close to death, which propelled me into the invisible world and taught me how ephemeral life is, I learned not to fear anymore the essential reinventions for my truth to be honored. And to mentor the necessary human transformations for a fair economic world to arise.

Since 2010, I have been upgrading ways of expressing myself to share my expertise at the point where the sensitive, artistic and economic worlds meet: writing via my blog that contains more than 300 articles • making portrait videos of entrepreneurs • publishing 2 books on the initiatory path represented by entrepreneurship • making and producing my film to inject soul into companies.


Providing the impetus
& the direction


Laisser parler le silence

One day, a client told me “It feels like you don’t talk unless you have something to say.” This is me. I hold my tongue because I am observing, I harness, I feel so much. Not erasing this side of my personality has helped me build up a niche clientele and a growing market, following the idea that less is more. Paradoxically, in terms of speaking in public, my most unforgettable experience will remain my TEDx talk about intuition. More than 100 000 views on YouTube later, it helped assume what you are reading on my website today.

Feet in the present, eyes looking to the future, body tied to the invisible, I have integrated all my personal learning and my observations on the evolution of the world in my company. Organically, and thanks to my team of eclectrons as free as me, Le luxe d’être soi has become La terre, le ciel & nous, so that more of us can build bridges towards this new worlds that are stretching out their arms… if we choose to do so.


Bringing out the future
that is already present


Building the future is an art imprinted at the very depth of your cells, that takes root in your intention to put your excellence to good use in collective work.