The world is currently changing its language, its skin and its frequency. Any form of growth will, from now on, involve unfurling your awareness.

For 8 years, Le luxe d’être soi has shed light on the identity and vision of many “out of the box” entrepreneurs and leaders, developing cutting-edge expertise at the very point where sensitive, artistic and economic worlds meet.

Thanks to these shared metamorphoses, Le luxe d’être soi is spreading its wings in 2019 to become La terre, le ciel & nous (The Earth, the Sky & Us). Our vocation is to fit the invisible into the very heart of the business world.

Welcome on board !

The vision

Building the future is an art imprinted deep down in your cells, that takes root in your intention to put your excellence to good use in collective work.



As corporate shamen for modern times, we’ll reveal untrodden paths for you to expand your contribution to our ever-changing world.



Develop prosperous organisations that work from the Being to bring out joyful futures : welcome to our 360º journeys !



Our clients’ inspiring evolution is embodied into multiple ways of giving your company high human value.